PURO CBD is part of a business that is part of a business group that processes plant extracts for the beauty and medicinal industry and specializes in the sale of CBD-products in the whole of Europe. The sale of our CBD-products previously happens mainly through offline channels but has presently been moved completely to this complete designed, professional webshop, which launched in November 2022. 

Because we want to arrange this webshop with a new and complete assortment of products, such as CBD-oil and various CBD-cosmetic products, we need working capital. We buy the CBD-products from third parties directly at the wholesale in addition to an exclusive product line manufactured for us by exclusive partners in Colombia and/or Costa Rica. This offers us the opportunity at the same time to sell our CBD-assortment as pre-product, such as the plants, extracts and oil in bulk or as a white-label end product and increase the profit margin as such.

All for us produced exclusive products are developed and tested in a modern laboratory and are then produced under strict quality demands for sale. This entire process of development, manufacturing, and shipping has to be pre-financed, of course, and leads to a timeline difference between financing the development and the eventual income from the sale of these products. This final part also applies to the purchasing at the wholesale, to get better purchase pricing and realize a higher profit margin. In addition, the most revenue that is generated during a month through the webshop, is received only at the beginning of the next month.

With your investment (and that of fellow investors), we can solve this problem, and you will profit from a nice interest.

With the purchase of a bond from PURO CBD, you invest right into the company. By investing in bonds, your money is set for a period of three to five years, dependent on the bond form chosen by you.

The bond of PURO CBD has a fixed value over which the set annual interest is paid. The interest rate of your bond is dependent on the chosen bond and the duration period of the bond. The interest will start on the day after your payment is confirmed on our accounts. The interest does not change during the duration period of the loan and will be paid out in the first year at the end of that year. During the rest of the duration period, the interest will be paid out each quarter. After the duration period of your bond has ended, you will receive your full investment back.

On all current and future stocks that were developed and/or purchased, legal lien will be established to cover your investment. By establishing a lien, you can get your interest back with priority, and as such, you will have additional security.